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How to Ace your Temporary Role


How to Ace your Temporary Role

So, what are temporary roles?

Temporary roles offer candidates greater flexibility and the opportunity to gain experience over a range of different assignments. Shifts in the labour market alongside amendments to the 90 trial have also changed the nature of temping dramatically. There has been a considerable increase in the amount of employers using temp assignments to assist in filling their permanent positions. 

As a temp, you’re not only expected to hit the ground running but you’re often brought on to help with a busy workload. Despite these challenges, however, there is literally no better way to get a ‘foot in the door’. Whether you’re looking for a permanent role or you’re looking to make a great impression, check out these tips on how to excel as a temp:

Don’t forget the basics

It goes without saying but don’t forget the importance employers place on attributes such as punctuality and attendance. Be the last in the smoko room and the first one back to work. 

Listen carefully

Show the employer that you’re eager and keen to learn. Listen carely and repeat back key points or any information you might be unsure on. Make notes if you need to. Although you’ll be given a certain amount of leniency as a temp, repeating the same information over and over can get frustrating for anyone. 

Make your intentions known

If you realise you would like the opportunity of being offered a permanent position, let the employer know. That way the employer knows what your intentions are and can effectively use your temp assignment as a working trial. 

Make yourself valuable

Any opportunity you get to upskill or learn something new, take it! Whether its license endorsements or learning the end of day lockup procedures, it all makes you more valuable.

Ask for constructive feedback (and mean it!)

Ask for feedback and then use that feedback constructively to improve your performance. Asking for feedback is vital in ensuring you are meeting expectations and avoiding any miscommunications along the way. This simple gesture demonstrates you genuinely care about the role.


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