Better workers for a

better future.

How we can help
your business…

  • Candidates are interviewed for experience, skills, and responses to difficult situations.
  • We handle the first round of screenings and only send you qualified candidates.
  • With a database of experienced workers, we can help you fill empty positions quickly.
  • We’ll connect you with local candidates who are qualified, certified, and ready to start.

Finding good workers who do quality work and stick around long-term can be a challenging. And every time an employee stays for a couple of weeks and leaves because it wasn’t a good fit for them or they didn’t have the right skills for the job, that’s more time and money wasted on interviewing and training. 

Why choose First Base if it’s exclusive? 

On the surface, choosing to have us handle finding suitable employees exclusively may seem like a setback, but we believe that we offer advantages that no one else can match. Instead of doing mass posting on job boards—many of which come with associated fees simply for posting a job—then having to go through applicants one at a time, we screen through our list of candidates and find only those with the right skills, experience, and work ethic that can do the job right. 

If you have a temporary or casual position, we’ll find people who are looking for short-term work. And if you want someone on a permanent basis, we’ll aim for someone who can excel through any probation periods and become a full-time part of your company. We want to connect you with people who are the best fit for your objectives and will work hard to see them accomplished. 

Could Temp Workers add Value to Your Business?


Ask yourself the following questions…. Do you have a vacant position that needs filled urgently? Do you have employees taking annual or parental leave? You’ve filled a vacant position but the new employee can’t start straight away? Any big projects or increased workloads coming up?  You’re busy now but you’re unsure what the future holds? …

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Be aware of new updates to NZ Employment Law


On 6 May 2019, major changes to the Employment Relations Act went into effect. This amendment means that employers need to update employee agreements and make sure that their business practices meet the new standards and that employees are now eligible for more entitlements. In this document, we will focus on some of the major…

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Tips for Employers


Training and hiring employees is expensive and time-consuming. Until the employee is properly trained and can independently fulfil their job duties, productivity as a whole goes down because a normally-productive employee must spend their time showing someone else how to do work the right way. And if the new employee doesn’t catch on or ends…

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